If you are planning to immigrate, you probably wondering whether you need to hire immigration lawyers or you are going to do the whole process yourself. Hiring the best immigration solicitors in Manchester is the best option because you will have a chance to avoid stress and a lot of paperwork which is involved in immigration process. However, finding the right immigration solicitors Manchester is not an easy task because you’ve to take some factors into consideration to make up your mind.

Since its better to work with an immigration lawyer, you need to check into the list of licensed and registered immigration lawyers to make sure that you are hiring the right attorney. This should not be overlooked because some lawyers are neither registered nor licensed to offer their services and hence they are not competent to handle your immigration. Therefore, be sure of whom you are hiring to get the best representation and probably succeed.

You also need to consider their success rate in the cases he or she has handled. To achieve this, you should look into the lawyers’ profile to see how many cases he or she has handled, cases won and lost. Also, while into the profile, you can be able to see qualifications and the type of cases the lawyer has handled to help you determine if he or she is the right one for you. For instance, if you can easily handle paperwork and you speak fluent English, you just need a lawyer with good reputation to help you out however, if you cannot be able to handle paperwork and talk fluently, you need a lawyer with good reputation and high success rate.

Although experience is important, it may not be the only factor to consider when choosing an immigration lawyer. If you don’t have any experience in handling immigration, you need an experienced lawyer who have handled many cases and won because it could be the key to getting a visa card. However, you can also get a new lawyer into the field if they are qualified for the job. You should have effective communication with your lawyer to know what you are supposed to do and not to do at different times throughout the process. Therefore, it is advisable to have a lawyer who speaks your native language to effectively explain every detail clearly for you to understand.

Cost of the services rendered is another factor which might determine whether you will hire an immigration attorney or not. Since lawyers charge differently, you should look for the one with an affordable rate to suit your budget. On the other hand, you may look for lawyers who charge hourly because you only need to hire them for some hours to handle your immigration whenever you need representation. Additionally, you can agree with your lawyer on a fee to help you on certain steps where you cannot be able to handle yourself.

Finally, after you’ve submitted your application, you need to wait for about 90 days to have your application processed, approved or declined. You should have an immigration lawyer checking the status of your application regularly to give you updates on what’s happening. You can really benefit from an immigration lawyer and hence you should consider hiring one.

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